Sunday, May 1, 2011

Singapore General Election 2011

2011 is the year we hold our General Election.

Though this is an event that happens every 5 yrs, I can sense this to be different for most citizens. Though I'm sure it's due to several reasons, but they should be largely summarized as follows:
  • increasing discontent with the government
  • social media which exposed citizens to news apart from propaganda on mainstream media
 Actually, the above-mentioned points have been around for quite awhile. But I used to dismiss them as self-legalized means to government bashing. My exposure to mainstream media had taught me to appreciate the work that PAP had done for us. They have put in place sound policies to bring us out of financial crisis in 2008, is a well-run & clean government.

Yet, in a matter of past few weeks, I have come to realise that these are mere illusions. It's a rude awakening for myself to realise (pardon my non politically correct answers)
  • Our ministers salaries were the highest in the world (sounds like legalised corruption)
  • used public goods to achieve party gains (using taxpayers money to dangle 'lift upgrading' as voting carrot)
  • Deprived opposition wards of amenities, when we claimed to be a democratic society
  • Opposition leaders are selflessly fighting for their cause, and are loved by their constituencies. Yet, this never gets reported in the news
 I get such a hard time digesting these amount of information, and through this process, I felt a tinge on sadness of several occasions. Was it due to realization that I've been deceived by the pretty picture painted by PAP? Was it due to fear that I will soon lose the Singapore I used to live in when oppositions get voted into parliament? Was it due to my admiration for opposition leaders who overcame all odds to fight for their cause? I'm not sure. It's probably due to them all.

But what I know is, this is going to be a start of changing political climate for Singapore. And Singapore citizens have a say on the type of parliament they wish to have. I urge everyone to consider the following points before casting that precious vote.
  •  does the elected candidate has a hidden agenda?
  • is the elected candidate able to deliver what was promised?
  • does the elected candidate sound credible?
  • are policies raised in their manifesto feasible & logical
  • are they able to offer constructive opinions in parliament?
May the nation continue to progress for the better.